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Dive into SwapMode, the premier DEX on Mode Network, and experience seamless asset swapping. Catering to everyone from beginners to advanced users, SwapMode stands as the all-encompassing hub for your liquidity needs, offering a multitude of features including V2, V3, ALM, Farming, Real Yield, xToken, Boosted Farming, NFT, Bridge, and more.

Decentralized Trading:

Trade directly from your wallet. Unlike centralized platforms like Binance or Coinbase, SwapMode ensures you maintain complete ownership of your crypto during trades. With SwapMode, your assets are always under your control.

Real Yield

SwapMode introduces an innovative concept, allowing users to earn real, protocol-generated revenue from fees. As a pioneering DEX, it enables users to accrue actual cryptocurrencies through SMD & xSMD tokens, deriving income directly from swap fees.

Low Fees

Operating on Mode Network, SwapMode boasts considerably lower transaction costs compared to Ethereum and other blockchains. Alongside competitive trading fees, SwapMode offers substantial cost savings, merging efficiency and affordability into one platform.

Why Choose Mode Network?

Mode Network is an Ethereum L2 designed to foster a cooperative on-chain environment. It aims to empower both developers and users to develop world-class applications and be directly rewarded for their contributions through Sequencer Fee Sharing and User Referral fees.

Mode has integrated Optimism's Bedrock upgrade, slashing fees by over 95% compared to Ethereum. It's structured to incentivize contract revenue-sharing at the protocol level, encouraging applications and users to expand the Mode blockchain collaboratively and reap a share of network sequencer profits. Embrace the future with SwapMode on Mode Network, where efficiency, innovation, and user empowerment converge.

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