This section delves into the intricate features of xSMD and its pivotal role in the evolution of SwapMode:

Control Over Emissions and Inflation:

xSMD is instrumental in managing SMD emissions and curtailing inflation. Through yield-generating activities and transforming allocated SMD into xSMD, yield farmers significantly contribute to the protocol's long-term stability. This mechanism deters transient farming practices and farm & dumping, fostering a robust ecosystem that values and rewards dedicated participants, thereby solidifying SwapMode.

Earning Real Yield through Staking:

xSMD offers a unique avenue for users to earn genuine liquid tokens from tangible revenue sources. Staking in xSMD not only yields income but also taps into revenue streams from the launchpad, partner incentives, and allocations from launchpad projects. Holders of xSMD gain from a diverse array of tokens, optimizing their earning potential and granting them access to promising ventures within the SwapMode network.

Yield Boosting:

xSMD's functionality includes amplifying farm rewards. Staking xSMD can boost users' farming rewards by up to 100% (2x), effectively doubling their yield. This feature is a nod to the platform's long-term supporters, providing them an extra means to maximize their returns, particularly on Infinity farms.

Unparalleled Flexibility:

xSMD brings unmatched versatility to the SwapMode ecosystem. Beyond earning a variety of tokens, xSMD farms can also offer partner incentives or special promotional rewards. This multifaceted earning model, akin to Balancer's gauges, allows users to amass a wider spectrum of tokens than the conventional model.

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