Presale Airdrop

Eligibility for the airdrop involves participation in the presale and maintaining your position as a liquidity provider on SwapMode. Holding SMD & xSMD from the private/public presale and providing liquidity earns you points towards a 30,000-token airdrop.

  • Earning Points: For every $1 spent in the presale, providing an equivalent of $50 in Total Value Locked (TVL) as liquidity earns you 1 point.

    • Example: If you purchase $1,000 in the presale and supply $5,000 in liquidity to the DEX, you receive 500 points. The maximum points you can accumulate is 1,000 (equivalent to providing ~$50,000 in liquidity).

  • Duration: The airdrop runs for 10 days from the launch date.

  • Additional Notes:

    • You can contribute liquidity to any approved (whitelisted) liquidity pool on SwapMode, including multiple pools.

    • While providing liquidity on the DEX, you must retain the tokens purchased during the presale.

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