SFS - Sequencer Fee Sharing

Mode incentivizes collaboration at the protocol level with contract revenue-sharing. Applications like SwapMode, which expand the Mode blockchain, are rewarded by receiving a portion of the network sequencer profits. This includes not just swap fees but also a share of the gas fees users pay for transactions on the blockchain. Essentially, using SwapMode allows you to earn Real Yield from both DEX fees and network fees, offering a dual-income stream.

  1. Dual Income from Swaps and Network Fees: SwapMode charges a fee for each cryptocurrency swap and also earns a share of the gas fees paid for every transaction on the Mode Network. This means users benefit from two sources of income by using SwapMode – from both swap fees and a portion of the gas fees.

  2. SMD Token Rewards: Fees collected by SwapMode support its primary utility token, SMD. Impressively, these rewards are distributed in both Ethereum (ETH) and USDC, enhancing the token's value and utility.

By using SwapMode, you're not just earning from swap fees; you're also partaking in the network's broader success, effectively benefiting from multiple revenue streams within the same ecosystem.

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