V3 - Concentrated Liquidity

SwapMode V3 - an innovative approach to Concentrated Liquidity AMM, built by SwapMode DEX to provide higher efficiency and a more flexible liquidity and farming experience. SwapMode is the first on Mode to bring Merkle by the Angle Protocol, which enhances your rewards system for our Rewards system. The position you choose determines your rewards: the narrower your position, the higher your rewards and vice versa. Moreover, protocols can add more than one reward to the liquidity pool, allowing users to earn multiple rewards simultaneously. This means your incentives from partners and farming can be received at the same time, and everything is permissionless.

SwapMode offers the ability to provide liquidity in custom ranges, or pre-defined ones. To simplify the process for users who prefer not to provide liquidity in custom ranges and monitor/rebalance regularly, we're partnering with multiple ALM's on Mode. The Automated Liquidity Manager for our pools effortlessly rebalances your position, making the experience hassle-free for all users. You earn rewards regardless of whether you choose custom ranges or ALMM.

SwapMode isn't just a Concentrated Liquidity DEX; it's an evolution in the entire DEX models and tokenomics.

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